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Rally Registration

If you’d like to join the 2017 Italian Job Mini Car Rally you can register here.

The rally starts in Imola in Italy on October 27th and finishes in the UK on November 4th.

To sign on for the holiday of a lifetime, and raise money for the UK charity Variety the Children’s Charity helping sick, disabled and disadvantaged children to reach their full potential, here’s what you need to do:

You can register by:

  • Printing or downloading the Entry Form and Rules & Regulations.To print these forms, click on the link which will open the form in a new window and then select print from the browser’s ‘File’ menu. You can also right click on the links and select ‘Save Target As…’ which will allow you to download the PDF file and print it at another time. Follow the instructions on the form, fill out the form entirely and send it to us.OR
  • You can contact us by telephoning +44 (0)1273 418100 or email us at OR
  • You could write or fax details to us by using the details on the Contact Us page of the website.

…whichever way you register, thank you for your support and we look forward to sharing an adventure with you!!


1:- Participation is subject to the presentation of all required documents at the registration point and to the vehicle scrutinering. Should the documents NOT be presented and/or should the vehicle fail the scrutineering, the Team will be allowed to follow the Rally BUT NOT TO PARTICIPATE and the Team Number will NOT be affixed to the car.

2:- The Rally will start each day at the time indicated on the Notice Board with the flag off of the FIRST TEAM followed by all other cars – in strict numerical order at 30 seconds of intervals. It is the drivers responsibility to be ready in line for the flag off of your car at the exact time. Should a Team NOT be ready at their flag off time they will be allowed to depart AFTER the last competing Team with   the appropriate   PENALTY POINTS as detailed at point 7 .

NOTE 1 – We suggest you synchronise your watch and calculate your Team   flag off time in advance, by taking into account Teams NOT participating & preceding your No.( Assuming Team 01 flag off is 08.30 Team N0 05 should leave at 8.32       however if Team 02 and 04 are not competing the flag off time of Team 05 IS 08.31)

3:- The Rally requires you to drive along the route indicated in the Road Book and to pass through all Time Control

( TC ) at a time precise to the tenth of a second which you can calculate by adding the time indicated in the section time of your official driving schedule to your Team flag off time.   APPLICABLE PENALTIES FOR EARLIER OR LATER ARRIVAL AT “ TC “   ARE  DETAILED AT POINT 7.

NOTE 2 – Assuming the time indicated in the section time column near the TC 2   is 35′ Team No 01 departing at 08.30 must pass TC2 at 09.05 ( 08.30 + 35 ) and   Team No 4 Departing at 08.31.30″ must pass TC2 at exactly 09.06.30″ ( 08.31`.30” + 35`)  A stopwatch is necessary. The control zone are indicated as follows

Yellow Board = Sign advising you are approaching a Zone –  Red Board = Sign advising the START of the Zone
Beige Board = Sign advising the END of the Zone

Teams must drive from RED to BEIGE without stopping – 100 Penalty point for stopping

4:- Time of passage at any TC must always be calculated ongoing from the flag off time.

NOTE 3 Should a vehicle pass through a TC five minutes earlier or later   this vehicle has 5 minutes more or 5 minutes less
to reach and pass the next TC ( Time Control )

5:- Immediately after some TC`s there are some Special Stages ( SS ) to be covered in the exact time specified in the time column of your driving schedule. penalties are calculated at one hundredth of second. see note 8.

6:- Along the recommended route you will find some Passage Controls (PC) where your driving schedule will be stamped. Missing a PC or passing at a PC with over 20 minutes delay on the theoretical time calculated in your   Driving schedule it will cost you 600 PENALTY POINTS.

Note 4 : Assuming the distance between TC2 and PC 1 is 20 miles and the average speed indicated in your road book is 30 miles per hour   Car 01 Passing Time Control 2 at 09.05 should arrive at Passage Control 1 at 09.45

( 20 miles at the average speed of 30 miles per hour = 40 minutes which is the theoretical time.


01   Point for each tenth of a second earlier or later
10   Points for each second earlier or later up to 30 seconds maximum
300 Points over 30 seconds and less than 15 minutes earlier or later
600 Points over 15 minutes earlier or later OR for missing a Time Control


01   Point for each hundredth of a second earlier or later
10   Points for each tenth of a second earlier or later
100 Points for each second earlier or later
300 Points over 3 seconds earlier or later
600 Points for missing a Special Stage