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The Press

……wanted to star in a remake of The Italian Job without ending up in a coach hanging off a cliff ?

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Daily Mirror

The Italian Job Charity Tour takes you on an action-packed Mini adventure through Italy, and for 2009, the organisers pulled out all the stops for an unforgettable fortnight in October

Miniworld magazine

Deeside Mini fanatics do a “Job” in Italy. Piper reporter Pam Robertson and husband Mike, have just completed an epic 20 day trip across Europe in their Mini Cooper

Deeside Piper

Every year 200 wannabe Charlie Crokers recreate The Italian Job by rallying 300 miles from the UK to Turin and back.

Hotdog Magazine

Take about 80 Minis, run them down to Italy and back, with a four day waltz through special stages in between, and what have you got? More fun than a barrel-load of monkeys  that’s The Italian Job

Classic Car Mart

Little car, Big Thrill. Fancy re-living the Italian Job, hurtling round the country in a Mini ? Linda Taylor had the time of her life doing just that!

The Independent on Sunday

…the sight of the Italian Job artfully parked collection of “biscuits tins” (as one German onlookers describes them) is a popular spectacle. It makes me very proud adds Michael Cooper- The Italian Job was always the highlight of my dad’s calendar, and he would have been glad to see the old cars side by side to the new ones.

Metro Wheels

There are many Mini runs, but for luxury, style and distance, few can match The Italian Job.Starting in Italy this navigational rally takes you through some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe, interspersed with special stage driving tests as well as visit to vineyards and famous motor racing circuits along the way.

Mini Magazine

A very British Italian Job ! … we had reached crunch point in The Italian Job Rally- The Ponte Alidosi bridge near Imola.This 15th century bridge is an eater of Minis, separating men from boy racers. And so steep it was better suited to a NASA launch site than a hump-backed bridge

Travel Mail

The marque of Caine. GQ”s self-preservation society follows in Sir Michael tyre tracks in the new Mini Cooper S, a tad more muscular but still just as nippy…. to say you have driven a Mini Cooper around the roof of one of the most famous test tracks in the world is something very special

GQ Cars

…. the local rozzers were waiting for us a bomb”s throw from where the heist went down but, instead of arresting us, they proceeded to escort the Italian Job Minis through the city at break neck speed. We may not have had liberated gold in the boot, but is was exhilarating racing bumper-to-bumper, jumping every red light we came across, while the police shot steely glances at any driver that considered crossing our path.Esquire Magazine

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