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Who we support

image13Buttle UK is a charity dedicated to helping children and young people who are living in crisis – with a simple, direct and very practical approach. They provide basic essentials to children across the UK whose most fundamental needs are not being met. Children who, for example, are not getting a proper night’s sleep, a hot meal or clean clothes. So Buttle UK provides things that most of us take for granted – cookers, fridges and children’s beds. But they also pay for things that can help in the longer term: therapy or counselling for a child that has lived with domestic violence; or a laptop so a homeless teenager can attend their first college course. Things that give a child or young person a genuine chance for change.

Last year Buttle UK provided £3.9m in individual grants to nearly 30,000 children and young people, preventing them from falling further into crisis and helping them to transform their lives. Their Chances for Children Campaign is aiming to give thousands more children the chance to unlock their potential. Buttle UK was founded by Frank Buttle, whose legacy allows Buttle UK to meet their own administration costs. That means every penny raised by participants in the Italian Job will go directly to a child or young person that really needs it.

Since 1990 The Italian Job has raised…

(two million five hundred & six thousand, seven hundred & eighteen pounds and ninety pence)


…and donated much needed funding to the following list of children’s charities, projects and foundations across the world.

Austria, Canada, Germany & Ireland

SOS Kinderdhorf in Imst
Toronto Children’s Hospital
Deutsches Kinder Dunkelziffer Charity
Goal in Ireland

Italy and Japan

SOS Village in Trento
Unitalsi in Imola
La Nostra Famiglia in Conegliano
The Kobe Earthquake

United Kingdom

Birmingham Children’s Hospital
Children 1st (Scotland)
ChestnutTree Foundation
Children in Need
Feed the Children (UK)
Fire Benevolent Fund (Scotland)
Meningitis Research Project
Pilgrims Hospice
Society of Stars
Tsunami Fund
White Lodge Centre
Brain Tumour Trust
The Children’s Charity

New Zealand, Australia, Holland and USA

The Princess Margaret Foundation
Make a wish foundation
Parent Project
Child Crisis
Autism Speak
Stichling Charity (Netherland)
New Zealand Youth in Search project
St Andrew Children’s clinic