Calling on Minis of all ages, types, size and colour to join the Italian Job motoring events and support disadvantaged children in your own community. Visit our "next eventS" page and join our challenge to help us reach our next target. We only need to raise ANOTHER £59K to break the £3 million target!

Raising Money For Children In a Fun Way!


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The Italian Job is a driving adventure through some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe and a fundraising challenge in aid of children's charities.... combined.


Anyone who shares a passion for the Mini, or any classic car which featured in the Michael Caine film The Italian Job can enter. The aim of this modern day self-preservation society is to raise money for children's charities in a fun way! This year we are supporting Buttle UK.


Please join this year’s run or help in any other way you can.



Freddie and Giulia 

#IJ Organisers

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To sign up for one of our motoring adventures, including the first ever UK Italian Job, and raise money for the UK charity Buttle UK helping sick, disabled and disadvantaged children to reach their full potential, here’s what you need to do:




Downloading and/or printing the appropriate Entry Form. To print the form, click on the corresponding REGISTER link below, which will open the Entry Form in a new window, and then select Print from your browser’s File menu. You can also right-click on the Form and follow your browser's instructions to download the PDF file and print it at another time. Please also read the Rules & Regulations, then follow the instructions on the Entry Form, fill it out entirely and send it to us.




You can contact us by telephoning +44 (0)1273 418100 or email us at gsg@italianjob.com




You could write or fax details to us by using the details on the Contact Us section of the website.


Whichever way you register, thank you for your support and we look forward to sharing an adventure with you!!

Our Fundraising Record

Since 1990 The Italian Job has raised over £2.9 million pounds and donated

much needed funding to projects and charities in the UK and across the world.


UNITED KINGDOM & IRELAND:  Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Buttle UK, Children 1st (Scotland), Chestnut Tree Foundation, Children in Need, Childline, Feed the Children (UK), Fire Benevolent Fund (Scotland), Goal in Ireland, Meningitis Research Project, NSPCC, Pilgrims Hospice, Society of Stars, Tsunami Fund, NCH, White Lodge Centre, Brain Tumour Trust, Variety The Children’s Charity.

AUSTRIA, GERMANY, HOLLAND and ITALY: SOS Kinderdorf in Imst, Deutsches Kinder Dunkelziffer Charity, Stichling Charity (Netherlands), La Nostra Famiglia in Conegliano,

Lega del Filo d`Oro in Rome, Ospedale Bambin Gesu in Rome, Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin, SOS Village in Trento, Unitalsi in Imola.

NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN and USA: The Princess Margaret Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation, Parent Project, Child Crisis, Autism Speak, New Zealand Youth in Search Project, St Andrew Children’s Clinic, The Kobe Earthquake, Toronto Children's Hospital.


Want to find out more?

Contact Giulia St George, The Italian Job organiser, at gsg@italianjob.com. ​​




Buttle UK helps children and young people who are seriously in need. It makes grants to meet critical needs of children whose safety, health or development are at risk. Buttle covers their own administration costs thus ensuring that 100% of funds donated will go to help a child in crisis. They can also ensure that the money raised by Jobbers is spent locally, anywhere in the UK. An important aspect for sponsors eager to support their local community.

IJ2019 raised an incredible £192,000, equivalent to over 150 grants, ranging from essentials like children’s beds and clothing all the way through to therapy and technical equipment, allowing Buttle UK to support as many as 400 additional children.


The following fantastic companies and organisations support The Italian Job in a wide variety of ways. Check them out and give them some love in return!

THE CRM Agency
Mini Spares
Adria International Raceway
Auto Domo di Modena
Bottega del Vino
Citta di Torino
Italian Continental Stores
Crown Plaza Rome
Formula Imola
ICG Design & Print
Gemini Print
IF Imola Faenza
IF You Like Motors
Hotel Molino Rosso
Mugello Circuit
Northern Commercials
Signs Express
Turismo Torino Eprovincia


Please email gsg@italianjob.com if you have a question that isn't answered below.

Scroll through and click a question to reveal the answer below:

What does the entry fee include?

The per person entry fee includes return cross channel travel for your team (when the IJ is based in Italy), all hotels from the start to the end of the official dates, all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), participation in our navigational event, final gala dinner, door logos, event marshals, service van and fundraising support.

Can a team be just one person?

Sadly, no. A team is normally two people. For safety, given the distances that we will be driving during The Italian Job each team really needs a driver and a co-driver. Additional passengers are of course welcome.

How old do I need to be to enter?

We ask that the driver is at least 21 years of age and the co-driver 19.

Where does the event start?

We usually start the event in Italy but, new for 2021, we will be holding the event in the UK and starting at the MINI Plant, Oxford. For Italy-based events, we stagger our finish line between the UK and Italy.

I’ve never driven on "the wrong side of the road" before?

Don’t worry. We have a supplemental service van route from Calais to our start line in Italy with many other participating teams, event marshals and service crew. For many this structured route down helps allay any concerns about driving in Europe.

What else do I need to budget for?

You need to budget for fuel and toll fees throughout plus any hotels you use on your way to the start if you don’t follow the service van supplemental route. You’ll also need to budget for the bar in the hotels we use.

Do I need a competition driving licence?

No. You just need to hold a full valid UK driving licence. Depending on Brexit, you might also need an International Driving Licence.

Do I need breakdown cover?

Yes. We think this is essential just in case your car has a terminal mechanical failure. With breakdown cover you’ll be able to carry on with the event while your car is repatriated.

Do I need medical cover / insurance?

Yes. We think this is a very good thing to have just in case something happens and you need medical care.

Can I cover my car in sponsorship?

Pretty much. All we ask is that you leave the driver’s and front passenger's doors free for our official door logos which will be supplied by us. The rest of the car can be stickered up with sponsors' messages. A highly-stickered car typically means a lot of money has been raised.

How do I fundraise?

Our teams are legendary when it comes to fundraising for The Italian Job’s chosen charity. Many put up an online fundraising page via www.JustGiving.com or similar and share it across their connections on social media channels for instance. Others organise events from barbecues to dinner dances and get their friends, families and colleagues involved. We will give you plenty of ideas for fundraising in your welcome pack.

What is the minimum I need to fundraise?

We ask you to try to raise at least £1,500 per team (at least £500 for the shorter The Yorkshire Job 2020). This might sound like a lot, but after 30 years of doing this we know it is achievable. Our aim is that teams exceed this target, and keep going, for every penny raised makes a huge difference.

What support can you give me for fundraising?

We provide a range of materials from sponsorship forms to an A to Z of fundraising ideas. We will also connect you with our chosen charity who will send you collection boxes and other fundraising materials. We can also shout out about your fundraising event via our social media channels and our brilliant monthly E-Newsletter Job News.

How will you stay in touch with me?

We’ll send you our regular updates in our brilliant Job News and also email you directly with any additional information. If you prefer, we can still post letters to you too. Sign up to our newsletter here.

What is The Italian Job auction?

We ask all participants to bring one or two items for our very enjoyable auction which we hold during The Italian Job. The profits from the auction go to our chosen charity. 50% of the winning bid is allocated to the fundraising total of the team that donated the item and 50% is allocated to the winning bidder's fundraising total. To give you an idea of the sort of thing we auction; one year we auctioned John Cooper’s Italian Job cap which went for £1,500 and another year a mug with a picture of a mini on it went for £80! Items vary enormously and needn’t be Mini or Italian Job related.

What is the navigational event about?

You will be asked to navigate between specific places in specific times following a carefully produced Tulip design road book. Partial and cumulative distances will help guide you. Penalty points are awarded for arriving at check points early or late and we also throw in some ‘special stages’ to test you further. It is a lot of fun, as competitive (or not!) as you want it to be but a brilliant way to take you well off the beaten track and explore some beautiful hidden treasures of Italy that you would never ever just stumble across.

What if my car breaks down?

We have two mechanics and a fully equipped service van which follows the event. The service van is full of spare parts and tools so if your car breaks down and is reparable, the service crew will fix it.

What are the locations / pit stops of the event?

These vary year on year. They could be famous cities, small villages, museums, car manufacturers or local food producers. We always try to add variety to the places we visit but one thing we always try and do is ensure that all our pit stops add colour and flavour to our tour. Clues to our route and pit stops are given in our monthly E-newsletters plus a full day to day itinerary is supplied well in advance of the event itself.

What cars can take part?

Any Mini (old or new) can take part as well as any classic car featured in the film. We’ve had every kind of Mini / MINI imaginable as well as Aston Martins, E-Types, Lamborghini Miura, Thames Van/Dormobile, a London Black Cab, Fiat Dino Coupe and LWB Land Rovers. The organisers also reserve the right to invite, at their sole discretion, any special car that may not be connected to the 1969 film.


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Whether you have a question about an Italian Job event, want to enter or become a sponsor, or discuss anything else to do with The Italian Job, we'd love to hear from you.


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