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Post IJ2019 Review

Memories are the loveliest of things..they cannot be lost..they do not wear out ..and they can never be given away ( Team 29 )

I hope you have by now fully recovered from the very hectic Italian Job Adventure described but many of you as a huge success.. fantastic experience.. fabulous trip and amazing IJ ! It was our 30th, the longest one driving further down Italy… some intrepid Mini have been spotted in Naples and Vesuvius … lots of laughter.. plenty of support and friendship… nearly 4000 mls of fantastic European roads …. some rain… lots of sun.. more blustering rain … a really memorable event.

Our sincere thanks to all Jobbers for taking part, for being so generous and enthusiastic and for truly believing in our motto Raising money for children in a fun way.

The hardest part of the Job is now as you have to collect all pledges and send messages and photos to your sponsors. Please carry on doing your very best and raise even more money. Add some photos taken on the Job to your justgiving page and send it to friends who have yet to make a donation. Do not stop now, You have time up to the end of December to raise some more money and perhaps be one of the lucky Jobber taking advantage of the 2019 matching scheme ( Page 5 on Jobbers Guide to fundraising ) .

By January 10th, 2020 we need to receive from you:

· All cheques you have received by your Sponsors either issued payable to The Italian Job and/or payable to Buttle to be posted to The Italian Job, 93 Hangleton Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 7GH

· Any Cash you may have collected at events can be paid by BACS to The Italian Job account No 01921155 at Lloyds Sort code 30-98- 74 Please ensure you always quote your Team Number

· A closing page of your Justgiving or other online platform showing clearly the total donations you have received online and the Gift Aid % added by the Chancellor.

We need to receive the closing page in order to credit your Team sponsorship with the amount you have raised on line.

We have started planning the 2020 event and an outline itinerary and budget will be on line at the IJ site in January.

In the meantime should you be planning to join us for next year event please let us know asap so we can preserve your Team Number from new Jobbers considering also that we are aiming to limit participation to 50 Team only.

With our best wishes for a peaceful, enjoyable Christmas and a very Prosperous and Happy New Year, we look forward to hearing from you in due course and remember, as a 1992 Jobber once said “Once a Jobber always a Jobber “.

IJ Organisers

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